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    Indian Mutiny(2003) DAVID, SAUL
    In 1857 the native troops of the Bengal army rose against their colonial masters. The ensuing insurrection was to become the bloodiest in the history of the British Empire. This title explores one of Britain's most harrowing colonial battles.
    20,83 €
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    Batavia's Graveyard(2003) DASH, MIKE
    The true story of the mad heretic who led history's bloodiest mutiny - 'An adult version of LORD OF THE FLIES that is, moreover, entirely true' Evening Standard
    18,05 €
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    Tainted(2020) MADHAVAN, CAUVERY
    Based on a true story of the Irish Connaught Rangers in India 1920, and a story of forbidden love in the Anglo-Indian community.
    13,88 €