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Peter Čeferin is one of the most recognized lawyers in Slovenia. This book takes us through his many high-profile cases - from his defence of Ivan Perić, a young man accused of triple-murder, to his defence of the entrepreneur Milica Makoter, who was accused of ordering the murder of her husband, her son, and her brother-in-law, to the infamous Josip Lončarić, accused of human smuggling.


Indecent Attorney shows that there are always two sides to a story, in spite of what we may hear from the media. Through his life and work, Peter Čeferin came to know the bright and the dark society of society. As a student, he sometimes found himself on the wrong side of the law, but all this did not stop him. He went on to become a founder of the largest law firm in Slovenia.


This biography traces Čeferin's life, from his happy childhood in Ljubljana, through his wild student years, his awkward beginnings in the legal profession, starting a family, establishing a leading Slovenian law from, to finally enjoying his golden years. The stories and anecdotes collected here are written with such life and such humour that any jury would be won over by Peter Čeferin.

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