Zbirka: Agronomija (FpoF 2023)

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    Cover Crops and Soil Ecosystem Services(2023) BLANCO, HUMBERTO
    152,73 €
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    Insect Predators in Pest Management(2023)
    This book covers information on the important biocontrol agents effective in pest suppression. It starts with insect parasitic groups followed by specific group of parasitoids.
    139,13 €
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    Digital Age in Agriculture(2023) OZGUVEN, MEHMET
    This book presents information on various topics appealing to the digital age in the agriculture sector. Topics include precision agriculture and livestock farming; using agricultural robots and unmanned arial vehicles in agriculture practices; agricultur
    84,79 €
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    Agroecological Approaches for Sustainable Soil Management(2023)
    231,64 €
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